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Where's your drawers?

I swear my blog titles will get better. Or maybe not....

Do you know what a Roadside Treasure is? It's when someone throws away something AWESOME and you find it and you totally embarrass your kids by saying "HURRY! Get out and help me load this in the car!" My 12 year old LOVES this. She does a quick look around to see if there's anyone around who may know her, then she bolts from the car and develops this super human strength where she hoists heavy furniture into the back of my SUV and then in a flash she's back in the car, yelling through gritted teeth, "LET'S GO!"  She's AMAZING! 

This Mid Century Modern (MCM) Chest of Drawers was a Roadside Treasure, just placed on the side of the road waiting to be picked up. The only thing wrong with it, was a missing drawer. I see this a lot and I always wonder, how do you lose a drawer?? Maybe the drawer broke and instead of fixing it they just tossed it? I don't even know. But the bones on it were great and I knew this style was very sought after. It's a solid piece with great lines.



My first thought was to do what most people would do......add baskets in that open space. Well, that space was super narrow and baskets wouldn't fit in there. So I thought I would take out all the drawers, convert them to shelves, make some doors and turn it into a cabinet. That seemed like A LOT of work. Also those panels that are on the side would then seem like wasted space. So, I let it sit until I could figure out what to do with it. 

My friend Emily came over one morning and as we were standing in my garage talking, she kept eyeing this piece. She loves MCM and that style fits so well in her home. Her home is such a nice mix of clean and crisp, yet it's so cozy and inviting. She mentioned she was looking for a table to fill a spot in her living room. She needed it to be a certain height and she wanted it in the MCM style but, she hadn't been able to find anything she liked or that was in her price range. This made my brain start churning and I had an AHA! moment. I could take the top off of this chest of drawers, cut it down and lower the top and reattach it. Emily got excited! I got excited! Then reality hit and I said "I have no idea what I'm doing, so I can't promise how this will turn out." She said "I have faith in you."  Aren't friends great? 



And so that's what we did. The top was held together by numerous screws. I removed all the screws, lifted the top off and set it to the side. Once the top was off, the back of the chest was removed. This piece was easy to measure out where to cut because of the design. Using a circular saw, this piece was literally cut in half. With the back off, it left only the sides to be cut. Once the sides were cut, the open back area was measured and the original back piece was cut to size. The original top was reattached with professional wood glue, clamped and left to dry for 24 hours. A brad nailer was used on all four corners for a little extra support. Then the back was reattached using the brad nailer. 


Emily was okay with the color and she even liked the imperfections with a little missing veneer here and there but, I couldn't let her take it and not clean it up some. So I used a little General Finishes Oak Gel Stain mixed with their Antique Walnut Gel Stain to give it a little face lift. Emily loved it took it home with her. I think it looks lovely in her beautiful home. 

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