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Them's The Rules.


Rules are very important to me. I'm pretty much always a rule follower, and I always have been. Here are some rules that I find of the most utmost importance:

Don't lie.

Don't cut in line.

Don't text while you drive. 

Don't wear tennis shoes and socks with jean capris. 

If you come across a washstand that is reasonably priced, BUY IT!! Buy it right then!

So when I saw this little cutie at one of my Honey Holes I frequent, I all but licked it to secure it for myself. That place is full of goodies and I will spend hours in there shopping. You have to make piles of what you're buying so no one else claims them. It's that serious. 


Doesn't she just make you want to dance a jig? No? Well just wait until you see her all gussied up. When I got her she was filthy. I cleaned her up before I took the pic. I was sort of ashamed at how homeless she looked. She's old and she's been around the block a time or two, but she is hand built, with hand notched dovetailed drawers. Those two little drawers on the side are kind of wonky, but that character reminds me that someone spent hours building her. She's withstood moves, being lifted, being rolled around. She's known different owners and she's probably outlived quite a few of them. I knew she needed some sprucing up, but my goal was too update her while still showcasing her age. 

When I saw her, I knew immediately she would be milk painted. I decided to use Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in the color Eulalie's Sky. It's the absolute perfect shade of blue. While it is a blue, I still consider it a neutral and it can easily blend in with almost all decor. The funny thing about Milk Paint is, it's unpredictable. This isn't a paint one should use if they're an absolute control freak. I admit, I am in fact a control freak and this paint took me some getting use too. I just had to, um....let it do it's thing. Sometimes it chips. Sometimes it doesn't. It's powder based and has to be mixed with water. You can mix it in a cup, mason jar or you can do like I did and use a Tang container. (My kids like Tang. Kids are kind of gross sometimes.) To mix milk paint, you add the desired amount of powder to your container and then add equal part water. You can stir it or shake it, if it has a lid. I added 3 pennies to mine to act as an agitator to help mix the paint. 


Milk Paint is a little runnier than regular paints, so you will have to apply more coats, however the coverage is great.  I used a throw away chip brush and painted 3 coats of paint on to the washstand. I didn't get a lot of chipping on this piece and I was okay with that, so I hand distressed it. The original stain on the top of the piece looked great so I decided to keep it. I did lightly sand it to make sure it was nice and smooth. 


I decided to seal this piece with Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil provides a protective, water resistant surface. You can use it on bare wood, milk paint, chalk paint or over old wood finishes to revive them. It's amazing! So quick and easy. 


I always apply Hemp Oil by pouring a small amount into a bowl and then using a clean tshirt rag to apply it. 


I work in small areas and apply a small amount of the Hemp Oil and work it into the paint and wood using circular motions. 


You can see how the Hemp Oil deepens the color as it seals the paint. I also sealed the original stain on the top of the washstand with the Hemp Oil and it gave it such a nice buttery finish. I wanted to make sure this piece's age really stood out, so I decided to finish with Annie Sloan's Dark Wax. 


Using a small detail wax brush, I worked the dark wax in the crevices and around all the edges, keeping in mind places that would get the most touch and where age would show the most. 


Using the same rag that I used to apply the Hemp Oil, I wiped back the excess wax, carefully blending it out for a nice subtle finish. 


I added some new glass knobs to complete her look. Now she is refreshed and will be looking for a new home at The Southern Junkers Vintage Market in Memphis at the end of the month. 


*All supplies used in this blog were purchased at Me & Mrs. Jones in Germantown, TN. If you're not local to me you can find your nearest retailer to purchase Miss Mustard Seed Products by visiting Miss Mustard Seed. You can also find your nearest Annie Sloan stockist by visiting Annie Sloan's page. :-)  

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